Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Maltese agriculture set to be on a par with other member states

We, at the MaYA Foundation, are pleased to learn that one of the most salient points of our, and other NGOs', manifesto is set to be implemented - that of reinstating an autonomous ministry dedicated to Agriculture and Fisheries.

A well-deserved congratulations goes to Mr. Clint Camilleri for retaining his previous portfolio, adding more responsibilities, and managing to achieve greater authority. Such a promotion gives agri stakeholders renewed energy towards binging sustainable agriculture to its proper status.

Once again, we wish Mr. Camilleri and the rest of his team, all the very best in their endeavours. We echo our past commitment to assist as best as we can the authorities in order to continue safeguarding the interest of our farmers and breeders, who are in turn the main stewards of our rural areas.


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